MiKK Ongoing Training 2024

and Supervision

7th · 8th · 9th · 10th  November 2024


1. WorkshopFriday, 8th November 2024 

Trapped in Ego:
Dealing with Narcissistic Behavior and Attitudes
in Cross-Border Family Mediation

with Dr Jamie Walker & Shai Ordan

Workshop Description 

Parents entangled in patterns of behaviour and attitudes which can be described as “narcissistic” pose unique challenges in family mediation, especially when compounded by cross-border elements. This complexity requires mediators to have a nuanced understanding of what constitutes narcissistic behaviour as well as a good grasp of its  potential impact on the mediation process. This workshop aims to equip family mediators with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate this challenge ethically and effectively.

This interactive workshop will explore and discuss the following questions:

  • What are the manifestations, typical patterns, and possible effects of narcissistic behaviour and attitudes in the context of family mediation?
  • Under what circumstances is it ethically acceptable to mediate such cases despite evidence of abuse and when should mediators end the process?
  • How can mediators handle the often stark power imbalances and still maintain their neutrality?
  • What strategies are available to mediators to address the parents’ wholly different perceptions of reality?

The workshop will involve brief theoretical input presentations, structured discussions based on the participants’ professional perspectives and experiences. Interactive exercises, guidelines concerning practical approaches, small group work and personal reflection moments are key elements of the workshop. Through this multifaceted approach, participants will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of narcissism within the family mediation context. The workshop will help them to develop robust strategies for handling such cases with confidence and competence.

Workshop Trainer

Dr. Jamie Walker

Having grown up in the U.S., established herself in Berlin as a young adult and later lived and worked in Philadelphia, Brussels and Addis Ababa, Jamie brings a unique cross-cultural perspective to her role as an international family mediator and trainer. On the background of her work in adult education she has been active in the peace movement and peace education, initiating violence prevention and mediation projects in schools and communities, developing and carrying out professional mediation training programmes and advising others working in these fields.  Her varying tasks in a training and advisory capacity in the area of development cooperation have taken her to a number of countries for short-term assignments, including Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Kosovo, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Northern Ireland and Australia. She has also published widely.

As a founding member of MiKK, Jamie has been mediating child abduction cases since 2004 and still thrives on the challenge of dealing with high conflict situations. She enjoys exploring new strategies and methodologies designed to transform hopelessly entangled relationship dynamics into creative paths, enabling the parties to agree on balanced mutual solutions.

Workshop Trainer

Shai Ordan

Shai Ordan is a mediator specializing in cross-border family mediation and in cross-border technology and commercial disputes, including early-stage conflict prevention. He advises executives on corporate governance and leadership dynamics, and trains negotiators and mediators. Shai earned an LL.B. with distinction from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association following clerkship at Israel’s Supreme Court. He worked internationally at a leading law firm, and in 2014 co-founded Raz, Ordan, Law Offices in Berlin and Tel-Aviv. He served as Vice President of MiKK e.V. International Mediation Centre for Family Conflict and Child Abduction.

2. Workshop: Saturday, 9th November 2024

The Voice of the Child in Mediation – New Trends & Developments

with Tatyana Bilyk & Carlie Norris

 Workshop Description

In family mediation, the interests and rights of the child have a special place. Research has shown that when children are exposed to intense and poorly resolved parental conflict it can have a devastating impact on their wellbeing. One of the tasks of mediation is to help parents (adults) hear the voice of their child and make decisions that will meet the child’s real and best interests as well as safeguard the rights of the child –  therefore  ultimately  helping parents in fulfilling their duties.

Child Inclusive Mediation  (CHIM) gives children and young people the opportunity to be heard directly in the mediation process and help them feel that they are respected and listened to, as well as, at their request and help parents find a solution in the best interests of the child.

In this training, we will discuss the following questions:

      • Actual studies on the need to involve children to hear their interests that have been violated during the conflicts of parents.
      • Features of working with children in family mediation in Ukraine and Great Britain and training of mediators in CHiM.
      • Different forms of involving children: goals, form and features.
      • Direct Consultation with children: practical skills for talking to children of different age groups (5-10 and 10-16).
      • How to invite the child to mediation and how to obtain the parents’ consent for CHIM: the main techniques of the mediator.

This one-day training consists of a mix of short theoretical inputs, demonstrations and practical exercises, personal reflection and group discussion.

Workshop Trainer

Tetiana Bilyk

Tetiana Bilyk is the Head of the training center “Mediation school” (www.Mediation- School.com), which was established to develop a culture of alternative ways of conflict resolution in Ukraine by providing professional training for mediators according to the best international standards. Her practice began 15 years ago after accreditation by the Center for Effective Resolution of Conflicts (CEDR, UK).

Tetiana is the Head of the NGO “League of Mediators of Ukraine” (www.limu.org.ua), which includes more than 50 family mediators and for many years in cooperation with the country’s social services provides family mediation services to everyone who needs assistance and support for peaceful resolution of the conflict.

 Since 2018, Tetiana has been the Contact of the International Social Service (General Secretariat, Switzerland) in Ukraine for cross-border family mediation cooperation and registered as a MiKK’ Mediator after completing the MiKK CBFM Training in Berlin (2021).

As a co-author of the National Standards for Basic Training of Mediators and scientific adviser to the working group for writing standards for training family mediators, Tetiana is active in developing mediation in Ukraine, and she is author and trainer of more than 20 training programs from basic level of mediator skills to the specialization of family mediators and Child inclusive mediation (CHIM).

Tetiana is co-founder and accredited supervisor of the Association of Family Mediators of Ukraine (www.afmu.org.ua), aimed at developing family mediation practice in Ukraine, supporting family mediators in the development of professionalism and care for the quality of family mediation services.

After starting her practice as a psychotherapist in an orphanage, Tetiana developed a workbook for Child Inclusive Mediation (CHIM) and is the author of the scientific work “A Child’s View of Parents’ Divorce.”

Workshop Trainer

Carlie Norris

Carlie Norris is an Accredited Child Inclusive Family Mediator and member of the Family Solutions Group. Carlie’s extensive mediation experience spans interpersonal, workplace, family, finance, and children’s matters.

With proficiency in Restorative Practice, Restorative Justice, and Family Group Conferencing, Carlie not only conducts mediations but also imparts her knowledge through training sessions for Local Authorities on Restorative Approaches. Her diverse background includes roles in Safeguarding in Children’s Services, community mediation, Family Group Conference Manager, Restorative Justice Practitioner, and Restorative Practice Practitioner and Trainer.

Carlie has over 10 years’ experience in Local Authorities, culminating in a role as a Service Manager overseeing Serious Case Reviews, Early Help, Safeguarding, and Restorative Interventions, reflects her commitment to comprehensive family support.

As a co-author of the “Every Child Matters” report, Carlie brings her wealth of experience to the forefront, ensuring that the voices and needs of children remain central to the discourse. Her dedication to collaborative processes, especially in high-conflict and complex safeguarding cases, underscores her role as a trusted mediator and advocate for children’s well-being.

3. Workshop: Sunday, 10th November 2024

 Emotional Intelligence Training for Cross-border Family Mediators: How to Use the “Emotions-First” Approach in Conflict Resolution

with Sven Lauch

 Workshop Description

Handling conflicts can be a challenging task, especially when emotions are running high. In mediation, emotions play a key part in the conflict resolution process. It is the mediator’s role to help to uncover the underlying needs and interests behind the parties’ positions. This can be a difficult and challenging endeavour. 

Sven Lauch proposes an innovative ’emotions-first’ approach to conflict resolution. He draws inspiration from the Emotional Logic method developed by Dr Trevor Griffiths which aims to identify the underlying values and systems that drive a relationship and the present conflict. By shifting the conversation from behavioural and emotional reactions to values, identity, and assertive value-based action plans, people can work towards resolving the conflict in a more productive manner. 

In this interactive workshop participants will be introduced to the ‘emotions-first’ approach which represents an invaluable addition to any mediator’s skill-set. They will learn how to use a set of “emotion cards” that can help mediators understand emotional patterns and the reason behind each emotion. Participants will also learn empathic listening and communication skills that can assist them with uncovering hidden values without triggering defensive reactions by the parties in mediation. This interactive workshop will provide plenty of opportunities for practice in small group exercises including also a cross-border family dispute case study.

Workshop Trainer

Sven Lauch

Sven is an accredited Emotional Logic Coach and TEDx speaker who is based in Plymouth, England. Originally from East Germany, he experienced the Fall of the Berlin Wall at the age of 15. A few years ago, after experiencing a mental and emotional breakdown, he was introduced to the Emotional Logic method. Practising this method had a profound impact not only on him but also on the conflict culture in his marriage and family. 

Today, he coaches individuals and couples from various nations and backgrounds using his Conflict to Connection process, which has transformed his life and family. He is also the founder of Eyes Up Training Limited, an organisation that offers Emotional Intelligence training to other organisations. 

Websites: https://eyesup.eu and https://svenlauch.com

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