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As part of the iCare project, MiKK will host 3 free-of-charge webinars on topics surrounding International Child Abduction:

10 May 2022: iCare Webinar 3

“Making the Case for Specialized Cross-border Family Mediation in Child Abduction Cases: the Framework, Best Practices & Practical Experiences.”

Shai Ordan,  Attorney at Law, Mediator, Israel/Germany
Ischtar Khalaf-Newsome, Head of Advisory Services & Co-CEO MiKK, Family Lawyer (England & Wales), Mediator, Germany
Dr. Jamie Walker, Educator, Mediator, Trainer BM®, USA/Germany
Christoph C. Paul, Lawyer and Notary (ret.), Mediator, Germany
Sabine Brieger, Judge and Family Judge (ret.)

This workshop is part of the EU iCare project.

More information and detailed programme can be found here.

Registration is now open! Please click here.


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