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  • Venue: Berlin

Are cultural differences a cause for disputes? If so how can we, as mediators, deal with these differences to help solving those disputes?
In this interactive training we will take a closer look at the phenomenon that we vaguely call “culture” and discuss the practical implications for cross-border mediation. Culture as a whole is difficult to grasp so we will look at different aspects of culture from four perspectives:

1.Mental orientation and the programming of the mind
2.Strategies of defining one’s own identity and the “Other”
4.Power imbalances

This approach to intercultural mediation is based on the work of Dr. Kriegel-Schmidt as described in her work “Interkulturelle Mediation: Plädoyer für ein Perspektiven-reflexives Modell (Intercultural Mediation: A plea for a perspective reflective model) (2012)”. We will also discuss if mediation itself is determined by culture and how, if at all, its theories and methods can be applied to different cultures.

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