MiKK International Mediation Centre
for Family Conflict and
Child Abduction


Support for International Parents
in Child Abduction & Custody Disputes:

MiKK is an internationally recognized, neutral and independent NGO based in Berlin referred to Parents by Courts, Embassies, Ministries of Justice/Central Authorities and lawyers from all over the world. For almost 20 years MiKK has been helping families worldwide to find amicable solutions on all issues surrounding international custody disputes as well as child abduction cases.

MiKK is  providing multi-lingual and free-of-charge support for Parents in cases of cross-border contact, custody and relocation conflicts, as well as in cases of international parental child abduction.

 MiKK provides:

  • free and confidential advisory calls,
  • arranges cross-border mediations in + 40 Languages in any country,
  • refers lawyers specialized international family law
  • offer comprehensive information on this website

about international family law, particularly child abductions, ensuring parents have access to vital resources. We also give advice in cases where a family plans to relocate abroad together.

MiKK organizes bilingual and bi-cultural mediations worldwide for parents, adhering to our internationally renowned mediation model with a success rate exceeding 70%. Our mediators are specially trained by MiKK and are committed to ongoing professional development through regular seminars, ensuring they remain updated with the latest knowledge and techniques.

Expert Services for
International Family Law Practitioners

MiKK offers specialized training for mediators in cross-border family mediation, equipping them with the expertise needed to assist families in resolving conflicts amicably.

Our commitment extends to educating all professionals practicing in the field of international family law, including, judges, attorneys, lawyers, psychologists social workers through conferences and seminars aimed at enhancing their ability to support parents in reaching agreements.

As part of our longstanding 20-year-old supportive community, our mediators benefit from ongoing training, supervision, and a credit system, ensuring they remain updated, educated, and specialized in their field.





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to provide essential support to children experiencing international parental abduction.

Cross-Border Family Mediation

International Parental Child Abduction,
Custody and Access Cases

Christoph C. Paul, Sybille Kiesewetter, Ischtar Khalaf-Newsome eds.

MiKK proudly presents the 3rd updated and expanded edition of the book.  This reference book is indispensable reading for experienced family mediators and all other professionals involved in cross-border family conflicts and child abduction cases. A diverse range of contributions from leading international experts in the field make this an invaluable resource.

Book Launch of the 3rd edition of
Cross-Border Family Mediation
, International Parental Child Abduction, Custody and Access Cases

Successfully released a book through Wolfgang Metzner Verlag on Cross-Border Family Mediation, edited by Christoph C Paul Sybille Keisewetter and Ischtar Khalaf-Newsome,.

The official book launch took place in 2023 October at the Mexican Embassy. To revisit the highlights of the Book Launch Event, you can watch the video.

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